Enjoy your meal.

Tom: What happened? Why? Why didn't they work out?
Summer: What always happens. Life.

And that's it. Life can be very bastard to you, but life will continue happening and sometimes fairytales just don't come true. And now what are you going to do? Cry like a 10 years old girl who have lost her doll? No, now you'll put a big smile on your face and you’re going to have fun! Sometimes it will be very hard, you will felt like nothing, with a hole without end, without joy to do anything, but once you wake up you will see how perfect you're just like this, just by being you. You know to be honest, I'm completely broken, my heart it's falling apart, but I'm here, I'm far, and I'm living the biggest adventure of all. So guess what? I don't give a shit! Life happens, that's it. Life always happens. But you know what? I’m sure that I'm too good to feel miserable! I’m good, I’m good, I’m good! And you are even better that me!
Oh boy, we’re so fucking good!

(500 days of Summer)

4 comentários:

  1. já viste a série Skins? vê. deves gostar (muito)

  2. aconselho MUITO. para mim: das melhores séries de sempre.

  3. É complicado, mas eu sei que consigo. Eu nunca desisto, não vou desistir de mim agora, não vou, não por causa disto.
    Obrigada :)