I'm sure that I will miss this at some point. I know by heart that I will cry when will be time to coming back to my country. I know this. Even if I can't deny that the beginig of all this was a big fight and a badly hard time. But still, when I look back and I realize everything I had learn, lived and felt, I just want to do it all over again. I know that I'm improving, I'm growing up, I'm being a woman now, and maybe was necessary to cross all of this miles to get here, here at this place, at this 59 Mount Street, at this rooms, at this housemates, at this walls, at this university, at this cities around, at this people. Maybe, was necessary to me, to know all of this, to get use to it, to learn with them, or sometimes to teach them, don't really matter. By the end I know that even with that hard beginig, everything was supposed to happen like the way it was. Everything that toke me here, and that will take me to other places. By the end I know that I'm a luck girl, because I couldn't even not be here, I couldn't even not have this possibility. But I'm here, this is real, is not only my dream, is not only my mind, this is real, this is completly real, and I'm so glad for it. I made it, even if sometimes I think I'm still dreaming. Well I'm not. I'm just afraid of wake up in a few months, the few months that I still have to be here, and then take hold of the life that I left behind in September, that is not mine anymore, and never will be, not after all of this, not after the biggest adventure of my life, after this, everything will change, and so do I...

[to be continued....]

4 comentários:

  1. i'm sure the change will be for the better.
    you have nothing to be afraid of, just take it all in while you're still there

  2. o teu comentário fez-me mesmo sorrir. obrigada (:

  3. olá:)

    tive de erasmus o ano passado na roménia e foi a experiência mais surreal que alguma vez tive!

    eu costumo dizer que só quem vive esta experiência é que pode saber o que é, já percebi que também estás de erasmus por isso deves saber do que falo;)


    beijinho e já agora parabéns pelo blog, gosto muito da tua forma de escrever!