a love letter #1

Hey babe, It's me, just right in the other side of Europe, I'm writing to say that it's been really hard to not thinking about you, well, I am at least trying, although I can't say I've been succeeded on it, but I’m sure you will understand... I would like to ask you how is life going and everything, but I'm sure if you tell me about it I will be sad enough. Well just for the record tonight is one of those nights that I'm feeling like taking a plain and run into your harms. As this is not possible, because I don't even know if you're still alive, I can't just run to you. Anyway, you can always find me here, somewhere in this city, I promise I will not go anywhere, I will just wait for you to ring the bell, and I will open the door, and say "hey babe, please come in", just as the old times, hum perhaps not. Anyway, I'm just writing you to say... Here is my heart; I'm giving him to you, it’s been really cold, so I didn’t knew what else to do, maybe you could take care of him for a while?... 

2 comentários:

  1. Está lindo. Sim é verdade, senão me tivesse feito feliz certamente não ficaria tão magoada e de certo modo também me sinto assim por saudades daquilo que um dia me fez feliz, mas bem...a vida é assim. beijinho :)

  2. Beautiful.
    (e não, nunca tinha ouvido falar do filme, mas aposto que é excelente e vou vê-lo assim que puder! :))